Given x, y are tensors, I know I can do

with tf.name_scope("abc"):
    z = tf.add(x, y, name="z")

So that z is named "abc/z".

I am wondering if there exists a function f which assign the name directly in the following case:

with tf.name_scope("abc"):
    z = x + y
    f(z, name="z")

The stupid f I am using now is z = tf.add(0, z, name="z")


If you want to "rename" an op, there is no way to do that directly, because a tf.Operation (or tf.Tensor) is immutable once it has been created. The typical way to rename an op is therefore to use tf.identity(), which has almost no runtime cost:

with tf.name_scope("abc"):
    z = x + y
    z = tf.identity(z, name="z")

Note however that the recommended way to structure your name scope is to assign the name of the scope itself to the "output" from the scope (if there is a single output op):

with tf.name_scope("abc") as scope:
    # z will get the name "abc". x and y will have names in "abc/..." if they
    # are converted to tensors.
    z = tf.add(x, y, name=scope)

This is how the TensorFlow libraries are structured, and it tends to give the best visualization in TensorBoard.

  • Can you quote how you found out that [...] is the "recommended way"? – Lukas Jul 28 '18 at 11:11
  • 2
    Not a quote exactly: I work on the TensorFlow team, so I helped to make up the recommendation. – mrry Jul 31 '18 at 3:05

It seems it works also without tf.name_scope only with z = tf.identity(z, name="z_name"). If you run additionally z = tf.identity(z, name="z_name_new") then you can access the same tensor using both names: tf.get_default_graph().get_tensor_by_name("z_name:0") or tf.get_default_graph().get_tensor_by_name("z_name_new:0")

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