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Why do I get this error even when I have not installed SQL Server replication ? The strangest thing is, when I run the fix

sp_configure 'max text repl size', 2147483647

it works and I no longer get this error


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Are you using Change Data Capture?

From How to: Configure the max text repl size Option (SQL Server Management Studio)

This option applies to transactional replication and Change Data Capture


The following steps should be performed:

  1. Go to SQL Server management Studio
  2. Right-click a server and select Properties
  3. Select Properties
  4. Go to advanced page
  5. Change the max text replication size to any value you want

Go to Management Studio then follow below steps

Right-clicking the server -> Properties -> Advanced tab -> Miscellaneous -> Change Max Text Replication Size to (-1) -> Click OK

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