See the image below, but as part of the table editor, there's column flags such as PK (primary key), NN (not null) and so on. The last one is 'G' MySQL table editor image


Having looked through some of the Workbench code and the MySQL documentation, it looks like the G column is for Generated Columns.

In the source code, there's the following within the mysql_table_editor_column_page file (line 132 at the time of writing):

model->model().append_check_column(MySQLTableColumnsListBE::IsGenerated, "G", EDITABLE);

Other code in the same area gives the layout consistent with what you're seeing in the visual for PK, NN etc., which is viewable in the source.

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    Thank you, this new column type will be added to the documentation. – Philip Olson Dec 22 '15 at 21:57

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