I have 2 wordpress installs under main domain.

www.example.com --1st wordpress install

www.example.com/blog --2nd wordpress install

What is the best way in wordpress to generate a sitemap for submitting my website to google such that there is no sitemap conflict and SEO penalty for such a setup?

I use yoast plugin and would not mind using other plugin to generate a sitemap. My concern being, will www.example.com sitemap plugin account for the wordpress install in the sub-directory /blog? what if I use the same plugin in both wordpress install. Will there be a huge conflict?

Please suggest the best way to generate a sitemap to help submit my site to search engines.

Thank you very much in advance.



It's ok.

You'll have 2 sitemaps:



Just submit both to Google Search Console.

  • So in this case, do we need Yoast plugin on both the installations? I am on nginx and currently the posts of my blog in subfolder are not there in the sitemap generated by yoast. – subhendupsingh May 18 '18 at 11:30

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