I'm trying to setup Android Studio + LiquidFun. I follow a lot of tutorials like these: http://www.shaneenishry.com/blog/2014/08/17/ndk-with-android-studio/ http://tools.android.com/tech-docs/android-ndk-preview But either isn't comprehensive or isn't work. I tried all, copy directly the files (C++) to my project, tried to import using NDK, tried to fix NDK with gradle, etc. But nothing works. I apreciate too much if anyone could help me to solve my problem or to install Liquidfun properly. Thanks.

  • A comprehensive answer and/or link to such answer is needed. – Krupal Shah Aug 30 '16 at 15:48
  • Could you elaborate your question detail. ? Did you follow the tutorial here for building ? If you are getting stuck at someplace providing the stacktrace or log would be great. – Ashik Vetrivelu Aug 31 '16 at 6:25

Did you try following the instructions from here: https://google.github.io/liquidfun/Building/html/md__building_android.html

They seem clear enough. You need the NDK on your PATH for ndk-build to actually do anything.


If you are going to use Java, you may want to try JLiquidFun, a derivative of LiquidFun with enriched Java bindings and pre-compiled native libraries.

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