In PHP I'm using DOMDocument and I need to search for an element that has attribute class="something"

I'm new with DOMDocument (been using REGEX all my life so help me :P)

Ok, my question is, I've found a DOMElement using getElementById, now i want to look inside the children of this element and retrieve a node that has a particular class, class="something"

How do i do that?


Once you have a DOMNode $n for a document $d whose children you want to filter by class you can do (this searches recursively):

$xp = new DOMXpath($d);
foreach ($xp->query('//*[contains(@class, \'classname\')]', $n) as $found) {
    //do sth with $found

The point of contains is to catch those nodes whose class attribute has more than one value, but it's a bit too coarse. See here for a better solution.

  • Can you explain $n ? is it tagname? Like div section etc? – Sisir May 2 '14 at 8:35
  • @Sisir It's an object of type DOMNode (in particular a DOMElement). In the OP's case, he's getting it with DOMDocument::getElementById(). It will represent an element in the DOM. – Artefacto May 2 '14 at 10:11

Use an XPath query:

$xpath = new DOMXPath($document);
// keep the quotes around the classname
$elementsThatHaveMyClass = $xpath->query('//*[@class="class here"]');

The expression means "from anywhere in the document, find any tag whose class attribute is equal to class here". You can read more on the XPath syntax here.

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