New STS user here... I was told that I need to add roo support into my STS (Spring Tool Suite) ide. I was told to do it under Window -> Preferences -> Spring -> roo support. Problem is, I don't have a selection called "roo support". My menu goes from "Global Preferences Curator" to "Spring Boot." What do I need to do to get the "roo support" option? I'm running: Spring Tool Suite

Version: 3.6.3.SR1 Build Id: 201501121239 Platform: Eclipse Luna SR1 (4.4.1)


Figured it out. I needed to enable STS's old dashboard and from the dashboard go to "Extensions" On that tab I added "Spring Roo" and "Spring IDE - Roo Extension." I now have the tab. Not sure if I needed to add both to get the tab to appear, but it didn't appear after just adding "Spring Roo", but did appear after adding the second.

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