I am trying to wrap some elements to provide styling and i do not see any element that can be used as a container.

What is supposed to be used in such a case?

Also kindly link to the available css properties in Nativescript as i was unable to find a list of available css properties.


While styling elements is useful, I think the answer to your question would be to use StackLayout or GridLayout depending on what you want to do.

  • Basically everything in NativeScript is "stylable". So Layouts suit your needs. – Andrey Luiz Jan 13 '16 at 18:59

StackLayout or GridLayout are commonly used, but not best practice. Nesting many StackLayout or GridLayout will slow the performance of your app, so use them sparingly. Use Label more often. Also, a handy tip is using FormattedString for nesting some paired elements.


<Button class="-primary p-8">
        <Span text="&#xf007;" class="fas t-18"></Span>
        <Span text=" Different " color="red"></Span>
        <Span text="colors in "></Span>
        <Span text=" Button " backgroundColor="green" color="whitesmoke"></Span>


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