1. Can I know what is the difference between dependency injection and autowiring? Whether autowiring is different from dependency injection?
  2. Which is the best way to autowiring(XML based or annotation based)?

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Short answer: Dependency Injection is a design pattern, and @autowired is a mechanism for implementing it.

The DI idea is that, instead of your object creating an object it needs (say by using new to instantiate it), this needed object - a dependency - is handed to your object, typically using the constructor or a setter method. If you autowire, you're injecting a dependancy. In this case, Spring uses reflection to make this work, so you're not using the constructor or a setter method, but you're still injecting the dependency.

To answer question 2, its your choice. Personally, I find the XML configuration files cumbersome and use annotations whenever I can. You can accomplish whatever configuration you need to do either way.

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