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I have installed SQL Developer in my system, but how can i utilize the GUI. I am new to this and i want to import datas from Excel to Oracle database using SQL Developer

Thanks in advance

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At what point did you get stuck?

A fast track:

  1. Create a connection to the database in SQL Developer
  2. Create a table as a destination for the xls data
  3. save excel data as csv
  4. right click on the table from step 2
  5. select 'import data'
  6. select csv file
  7. use the wizzard

and bob is your uncle

Folowing methed creates the table for you

  1. Create a connection to the database in SQL Developer
  2. right click on tables folder
  3. Choose Import data
  4. select xls
  5. use the wizzard (provide table name, row limit, select columns, datatype per column)
  6. Finish

A recent version* of SQL*Developer is able to read Excel workbooks.

Jeff Smith has written very detailed tutorial How to Import from Excel to Oracle with SQL Developer.

* a version 3.2 at the moment of writing

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