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I would like to get non duplicated []int. I'm using set, but I don't know how to get []int from set. How can I do that?

package main

import (


func pickup(max int, num int) []int {
    set := mapset.NewSet()

    for set.Cardinality() < num {
        n := rand.Intn(max)
    selected := set.ToSlice()
    // Do I need to cast from []interface{} to []int around here?
    // selected.([]int) is error.
    return selected

func main() {
    results := pickup(100, 10)
    // some processing using []int...

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There is no automatic way to do that. You need to create an int slice and copy into it:

selected := set.ToSlice()

// create a secondary slice of ints, same length as selected
ret := make([]int, len(selected))

// copy one by one
for i, x := range selected {
   ret[i] = x.(int) //provided it's indeed int. you can add a check here

return ret
  • Oh, I see. I have to make a new slice. Thank you for the advice. I learned a lot. – Maiko Ohkawa Dec 25 '15 at 0:03

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