I want to write a bot telegram.How to put possible option in my bot.I insert a picture of sample bot with this functionality.

enter image description here

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For that, you have to talk to BotFather.

  1. In the Telegram App, open the chat with BotFather.

  2. Send him /setcommands. He will present you with a list of your bots.

  3. Pick the bot for which you want to set the command menu.

  4. Compose and send the command list. Using your image as an example, these 4 lines should do:

start - Description 1
menu - Description 2
help - Description 3
stop - Description 4

Note that each line should start with lowercase, and no slashes. There should also be spaces around the - sign.

Once you complete this process, exit and kill the Telegram App. Re-open it, go to the chat with your target bot, type a / (or tab on the / button next to the text field), the command menu should come up.

  • Thanks a lot for the information, i think there is no way to control admin and user commands. if you don't want users to see your admin commands you should not put them here. – GurhanCagin Dec 3 at 7:13

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