There are lots of general R cheat sheets, but is there a cheat sheet for ggplot2?


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Here are several options:

  1. A very polished ggplot2 cheat sheet from RStudio (Dec 2015). This version is updated for ggplot2 2.0.

  2. Another ggplot cheat sheet.

  3. A ggplot2 tutorial (October 2014).

  4. A 14-page quick reference/tutorial for ggplot2 published in September 2011: ggplot2 tutorial by Ramon Saccilotto.

  5. A detailed tutorial on a wide range of plot types and customization options, published in 2012.

  6. Winston Chang's Cookbook for R website has a section with ggplot2 recipes. Also see his R Graphics Cookbook from O'Reilly.

  7. A website with brief tutorials on the major aspects of ggplot2.

  8. The ggplot2 transition guide from February 2012 is longer, but systematically goes through all the features that were changed or added in going from the original version of ggplot2 to the (at the time) latest version.

  9. If you're interested in drawing maps with ggplot2, there's Hadley's article on spatial visualization with ggplot2. Also see this detailed tutorial on maps and spatial analysis with R at rPubs (2014).

  10. Detailed examples on scatterplots, visualizing distributions (density and box plots), and barplots with ggplot2 (late 2013 - early 2014).

  11. A more detailed task based ggplot2 cheat sheet, or rather a quick reference.

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Not exactly a cheat sheet, but also helpful in figuring out the right command, is Jeroen Ooms' web interface to ggplot2

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To me ggplot2 has one of the best and compressed documentation of any R package. I think it would be really difficult pack everything to an even smaller document. This holds in particular because some of the magic of ggplot2 is closely related to functions from plyr or reshape. Though I have suggested via feedback form that some .pdf reference card would be really nice. Besides I recommend the ggplot2 book.


This might be what you are looking for: http://had.co.nz/stat480/r/graphics.html

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