What is the difference between the JVM arguments noverify and Xverify:none?


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They are the same.

-X represents a non-standard argument. Non-standard arguments only work for certain VMs (hence the name non-standard). noverify is simply a shortcut for Xverify:none.

Why have both? I don't think you'll get a real answer unless you asked the developers - it's not documented (as far as I can see). My best guess would be to stay consistent and to lower verbosity.

This is speculation, but reason for noverify existing could be based on how often developers use -Xverify:true. If verification is enabled by default, there's not much reason to use -Xverify:true, thus -Xverify:false would be the primary reason for using the -Xverify argument, hence the noverify shorthand.

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