Say I have such a python Enum class:

from enum import Enum

class Mood(Enum):
    red = 0
    green = 1
    blue = 2

Is there a natural way to get the total number of items in Mood? (like without having to iterate over it, or to add an extra n item, or an extra n classproperty, etc.)

Does the enum module provide such a functionality?

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Yes. Enums have several extra abilities that normal classes do not:

class Example(Enum):
    this = 1
    that = 2
    dupe = 1
    those = 3

print(len(Example))  # duplicates are not counted
# 3

# [<Example.this: 1>, <Example.that: 2>, <Example.those: 3>]

# Example.this

# Example.this

# Example.this
  • My enum (Python 3.4) is not static but created as presented here (the one form automatic enumeration) and the last three commands do not work for such an enum. Are there different enum-implementations in Python?
    – Robert
    Apr 28, 2016 at 10:54
  • There is a third-party library called enum that is not the same as the official 3.4 Enum, nor it's backport and advanced versions. Whatever enum you are using is not one of the three new ones. Apr 28, 2016 at 14:54

Did you try print(len(Mood)) ?


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