Suppose I have the following string:

 mystring="something something something schwifty3 something"

now I know that theres a schwifty with a number after it, but I want the whole word from this string with everything else excluded.

grep -o does not appear to work or even be a useable option for some reason... any ideas?


Translate the spaces into line breaks so that grep returns only single words.

mystring="something something something schwifty3 something"
echo "$mystring" | tr " " '\n' | grep "schwifty"
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  • I will use this forever. Thank you, this is perfect! – driedupsharpie Dec 26 '15 at 22:58

What about

grep -Po "schwifty\d" <<< $mystring

or this if there are maybe more than one digits in the string:

grep -Po "schwifty\d+" <<< $mystring
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For a pure shell approach, the string substitution with prefix (#) and suffix (%) removal would work:

mystring="something something something schwifty3 something"


case $mystring in 
    echo ${a%% *}

This will show the first occurrence of any string starting with $s in $mystring. Assumption: you split the string on an ascii space only.

The pure shell approach means that we just use shell builtins and mechanics, no external commands.

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-w for word in grep

echo sth sth something sth1|sed 's/ /\n/g'|grep -w sth
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$ echo $mystring
something something something schwifty3 something

$ echo $mystring | sed -n 's/.*\s*\(schwifty[0-9]\)\s*.*/\1/p'

$ echo $mystring | sed -n 's/.*\s*\(schwifty\)[0-9]\s*.*/\1/p'
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you can also do it in bash.

a=" $mystring "      # pad with spaces (in-case the word is first or last)
a="${a#* schwifty}"  # chop all before and including schwifty
a="schwifty${a%% *}" # restore schwifty chop all after first word, 
echo "$a"
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