I am trying to use a relationship object from Realm on a UITableView in Swift 2 latests version. My objects are as follows...

class Incident : Object {
    dynamic var createdAt = NSDate()
    let notes : List<Comment> = List<Comment>()

class Comment : Object {
    dynamic var note = ""
    dynamic var createdAt = NSDate()

In my UITableView I can correctly add and remove Comments to the Incident notes list and print the entire Incident object but I dont know how to fill the table view with the contents of the List propery. I checked the Realm.io site for information on this but the methods outlined there apparently are outdated. I tried using

var theNotes : Result<Comment> = myIncidentObject.notes.sorted("createdAt")

But I get the following exception.

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'RLMException', reason: 'This method can only be called on RLMArray instances retrieved from an RLMRealm'

Any assistance on how to implement this or how to troubleshoot it is really appreciated


As the error describes, you can use sorted(_:) only on persisted objects. As long as your Incident is not yet added to the Realm, you would need to fall back to the standard library (sort). Alternatively you can add your Incident to the Realm. Be aware though that any modifications you make to it after that must happen from a write transaction.

  • Will mark it as correct, I ended up using UUIDs to link objects and to easily sync them on a web api. Thanks a lot. – nizx Dec 28 '15 at 14:24

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