I'm quite new to Swift and want to know the difference between [String!] and [String]!. Both are non optional? but [String]! indicates nil when uninitialized and [String!] does not?


[String!] is an array of implicitly unwrapped Strings

[String]! is an implicitly unwrapped array of Strings

That means that the first one can contain nil values but cannot itself be nil. The second one could itself be nil but its contents are always non-nil.

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  • @Losiowaty haha, yeah, close :) – luk2302 Dec 27 '15 at 22:22


This is an array of Implicitly Unwrapped Strings.

It means that in each element of this array you could find a String or nil.

let list0: [String!] = ["Hello", nil, "world", nil]


This is an Implicitly Unwrapped Array that contains String.

It means that in a variable declared like this you can find nil or an array where every element is a valid String.

let list1: [String]! = nil
let list2: [String]! = ["Hello", "world"]
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[String!] - this is a non optional array of optional Strings.
[String]! - this is a optional array of non optional Strings.

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