I have removed a regionserver from my HBase cluster.I removed its hostname from $HBASE_HOME/conf/regionservers, and restarted the HBase cluster, but the HBase UI still shows the removed region server as a 'dead' region server.

The 'status' command in the hbase shell also shows it as a dead region server. How should I get rid of it ?

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Cluster getting haunted by dead regionserver :D

HBase may sometimes still show a decommissioned regionserver as dead. This is because, the WAL (Write-Ahead Log) of the dead regionserver was still in HDFS in the “splitting” state, so from HBase perspective it’s not dead !

So the solution is to go to WALs directory in HDFS (usually at /hbase/WALs) and remove the files of the old regionserver.

Found this at this wonderful blog kill zombie dead regionservers after much digging.

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    In my case, I just deleted all the WALs folders with splitting.
    – shane
    Commented May 11, 2017 at 7:26

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