Using just the default code from react-native init AwesomeProject, when I run the app I get the 'ReferenceError: Can't find variable: __fbBatchedBridge (line 1 in the generated bundle)'.

And, when I 'Reload JS', the app just has the white background rather than any 'hello world' views. I haven't touched any of the code from the init.

Any ideas how to resolve the error?

Screenshot (click to view full size):
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  • Ubuntu 15.10, 64-bit
  • Node.js v5.3.0
  • reactive-native v0.1.7
  • Nexus 5X, API 6.0.1

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I generally see this when the packager hasn't started. Ensure that is running by running react-native start

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    Hit the back button, hit menu, select dev settings. Select the bottom option (something about dev server) enter your computers ip with port 8081 (eg then hit ok, then back and then hit the reload button again
    – rmevans9
    Dec 28, 2015 at 20:22
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    Works! Thank you very much! I'm glad shaking the app worked to open that menu and ifconfig worked to get the IPv4 address. And, the error page with the reload button disappeared after going to the menu, so another react-native run-android worked to reload.
    – Anonsage
    Dec 28, 2015 at 20:34
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    On my android phone (an LG something) I hit the back button, then hit menu, then clicked on the text that reads, "DEBUGGING Debug server host & port for dev. Debug server host & port for downloading JS bundle or communicating with JS debugger. ...." Then I entered my computers IP Thank you rmevans9 for your answer. Dec 30, 2015 at 19:29
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    I am getting ERROR: can't find variable __fbbatchedbridge (<unknown file>: 1). Server is running and in developer settings IP & Port are also correct... what is going wrong here, working on React Native Android ???
    – Gathole
    Mar 30, 2016 at 6:03
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    Interestingly, the command is missing in "getting started" guide from Facebook for React Native and following instructions step-by-step you get this error page. Apr 25, 2016 at 10:51

I had the same issue while using Visual Studio Android Emulator. When the red screen shows up type in the command line

adb shell input keyevent 82

This will trigger the shake event and launch the dev menu

Developer menu

Then hit Dev Settings > Debug server host & port for device and enter <your ip adress>:8081. If for some reason you cannot type in the field you can trigger the text action in the command line by using

adb shell input text <your ip adress>:8081

i solved it using this command

adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081

Thank you rmevans9 and Anonsage for your answers!

I am using HTC One on Ubuntu and there is no menu option, anyway this is the summary of the answers that worked for me:

  1. Create the project $ react-native init MyProject $ cd MyProject/

  2. In first console tab run and leave it running as you develop (react-native start alternative): $ npm start

  3. In second console tab compile and install the project (connect the device to the USB if you want): $ react-native run-android

  4. Fix ReferenceError: Can't find variable: __fbBatchedBridge:

    • Find you local ip address by executing ifconfig on Linux/Mac, for example: inet addr:
    • Shake the device to see menu options while app is running (if you don't have "Menu" button)
    • Go to Dev Settings -> Debug server host & port for device in Debugging section and copy your local ip address with the specific port: (the port can be viewed when running npm start from the first tab) then go/press Back
    • Shake the device to see menu options again and press Enable Live Reload (to see changes live when editing)
    • Shake the device to see menu options again and press Reload JS

This worked for me according to documentation


Using adb reverse Note that this option is available on devices running android 5.0+ (API 21).

Have your device connected via USB with debugging enabled (see paragraph above on how to enable USB debugging on your device).

  1. Run adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081

You can use Reload JS and other development options with no extra configuration

  1. Then Run react-native run-android which will automatically start dev server on 8081 port on your dev machine if not already running.

I encountered this when I had specified different react native versions in my packages.json and my build.gradle file. Making sure they matched, running npm update, and rebuilding from android studio fixed the issue for me.


I had the same problem.

As I followed all the steps mentioned in other answers, I could not resolve the issue.

In my case the firewall was blocking the packets coming from android.


Also If you have submitted your app for the iTunes store, also make sure that your jsCodeLocation is back to the localhost, as shown bellow:

  jsCodeLocation = [NSURL URLWithString:@"http://localhost:8081/index.ios.bundle?platform=ios&dev=true"];

   * OPTION 2
   * Load from pre-bundled file on disk. The static bundle is automatically
   * generated by "Bundle React Native code and images" build step.

   //jsCodeLocation = [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLForResource:@"main" withExtension:@"jsbundle"];

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