I am using plotly version 1.9.3, and using it to embed figures in jupyter notebook in offline mode using


When I enter TeX notation in labels, titles, etc., the Tex will not render (i.e. $\alpha$ will be displayed as source.

When I use the "save and edit in cloud" toolbar option, in the plotly website it renders correctly.

Can I configure it to render also in the offline mode?

I have both LaTex installation and a local installation of MathJax.


At the moment, it unfortunately does not seem possible to configure plotly to properly render TeX notations in the offline mode. There is an open issue on their github repo with several users describing this problem.


For future reference, support was added for rendering LaTeX in offline mode in plotly.py version 3.4.0.

From https://github.com/plotly/plotly.py/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#added:

Added LaTeX typesetting support for figures displayed in the Jupyter Notebook using plotly.offline.iplot and plotly.graph_objs.FigureWidget. Note: There are still outstanding issues with MathJax rendering in FireFox, but it is now working well in Chrome. (#1243)

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