: ) I previously wrote an R function that will compute a least-squares polynomial of arbitrary order to fit whatever data I put into it. "LeastSquaresDegreeN.R" The code works because I can reproduce results I got previously. However, when I try to put new data into it I get a "Non-conformable arguments" error.

"Error in Conj(t(Q))%*%t(b) : non-conformable arguments"

An extremely simple example of data that should work:

t <- seq(1,100,1)
fifthDegree <- t^5

This should output and plot a polynomial f(t) = t^5 (up to rounding errors). However I get "Non-conformable arguments" error even if I explicitly make these vectors:

t <- as.vector(t)
fifthDegree <- as.vector(fifthDegree)

I've tried putting in the transpose of these vectors too - but nothing works.

Surely the solution is really simple. Help!? Thank you!

Here's the function:

LeastSquaresDegreeN <- function(t, b, deg)
# Usage:  t is independent variable vector, b is function data
# i.e., b = f(t) 
# deg is desired polynomial order
# deg <- deg + 1 is a little adjustment to make the R loops index correctly. 
deg <- deg + 1
t <- t(t)
dataSize <- length(b)
A <- mat.or.vec(dataSize, deg)  # Built-in R function to create zero 
# matrix or zero vector of arbitrary size
# Given basis phi(z) = 1 + z + z^2 + z^3 + ... 
# Define matrix A
for (i in 0:deg-1) {
    A[1:dataSize,i+1] = t^i
# Compute QR decomposition of A.  Pull Q and R out of QRdecomp
QRdecomp <- qr(A)
Q <- qr.Q(QRdecomp, complete=TRUE)
R <- qr.R(QRdecomp, complete=TRUE)
# Perform Q^* b^T  (Conjugate transpose of Q)
c <- Conj(t(Q))%*%t(b)
# Find x.  R isn't square - so we have to use qr.solve
x <- qr.solve(R, c) 
# Create xPlot (which is general enough to plot any degree 
# polynomial output)
xPlot = x[1,1]
for (i in 1:deg-1){
    xPlot = xPlot + x[i+1,1]*t^i
# Now plot it.  Least squares "l" plot first, then the points in red.
plot(t, xPlot, type='l', xlab="independent variable t", ylab="function values f(t)", main="Data Plotted with Nth Degree Least Squares Polynomial", col="blue")
points(t, b, col="red")
} # End

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  • The error is occurring in the line c <- Conj(t(Q))%*%t(b). I'm unsure why you transpose b, since it's a vector, and the computation seems to work without the transpose. Also, it's not a good idea to use t as a variable name, since it you also use it as a function. – Tad Dallas Dec 29 '15 at 4:17
  • c should be a vector rather than a matrix... I will take a closer look at my programming to find some better form. Using "t" was not a good choice! Thanks for the suggestions. – Eric Johnson Dec 29 '15 at 4:35
  • For some reason when I restarted R I could get this to work if I transposed the second vector. I swear I tried this multiple times with a bunch of different vector sets. Is it possible that I just accidentally found a bug or flaw? – Eric Johnson Jan 3 '16 at 4:16