I'm building my containers with docker-compose and I would like to use the new volume API from Docker, but I don't see how to.

I want to be able to say docker-compose up -d to:

  • Create a volume, or use it if already created.
  • Create services containers with data from previous volume container.

First of all you must be using a version 2 Compose file to use the new specifications for creating and using named volumes. The Compose File Reference includes all you need to know, including examples.

To summarize:

  1. Add version: '2' to the top of docker-compose.yml.
  2. Place service units under a services: key.
  3. Place volume units under a volumes: key.
  4. When referring to a named volume from a service unit, specify volumename:/path where volumename is the name given under the volumes: key (in the example below it is dbdata) and /path is the location inside the container of the mounted volume (e.g., /var/lib/mysql).

Here's a minimal example that creates a named volume dbdata and references it from the db service.

version: '2'
    image: mysql
      - dbdata:/var/lib/mysql
    driver: local

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