I am using visual studio 2015. I have my toolbox open and I checked on Show All. I unchecked this an now my entire toolbox is empty except for the General Tab (which there is nothing in). I tried resetting the toolbox but that did not fix the problem. Has anyone encountered this before? If so, what was the fix? Thanks.

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  • What type of file do you have open in the IDE? In code files it is empty, but Razor/WebForms should have items in the toolbox. – Sam Dec 29 '15 at 17:41
  • It might be because the IDE has somehow determined you are not a Seattle Seahawks fan. This happens to me sometimes, too; if you simply try a second or third time to open the Toolbox, it will eventually acquiesce (provided, as Sam says, an appropriate file is open). BTW, say hi to Rod for me. – B. Clay Shannon Dec 29 '15 at 17:57

Try right clicking in the toolbox and select 'show all'... I hope this help. =)

you can also start /reset

Thank you for posting.

Could you please capture some screenshots for me?

From your description, it seems that your issue might be related with IDE. I suggest you to try to execute the following command.

Devenv.exe /SafeMode

Devenv.exe /ResetSettings

If you have any concern, please feel free to let me know.

Best Regards,

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I had the same problem. I have tried with right click on the design windows and add " Toolbox" (SSIS Toolbox in my case). This worked for me.

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In my case, I had opened with ctrl+alt+x. I noticed in the newer versions of VS, there is some confused crossover of toolboxes. In my case, it opened the SSRS toolbox, which was not applicable to my SSIS file.

Closed that, right-clicked in design area, and chose SSIS Toolbox. This opened a toolbox called "SSIS Toolbox" rather than just "Toolbox". All fixed.

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Righ click on tool box>Show All(Check) *wait to load>Click Ok>Show All(Uncheck)

Don't know why this bugg exists, but i fix mine using the steps above.

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I encountered the same problem and solved it by:

  1. closing the toggled/opened toolbox
  2. opening any windows form [designer]
  3. re-opening the toolbox

toolbox components will be reloaded again

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