I have a remote server connected over SSH using the RSE plugin in Eclipse Galileo. Is there anyway to "map" it to a PHP Debug session in Eclipse?

(Xdebug is installed and working)

I have heard that another solution is SSHFS but this might be tricky as I'm on WinXP and would prefer a 'generic' Eclipse solution.


The short answer is NO. RSE will not work with PHP Debugger. This might change in Eclipse Halios but I've not moved to Halios yet. The most common solution for Windows seems to be a virtual machine and share a samba mount of the remote webserver between the host and client. Not tried that yet either!

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or i imported remote server through RSE so you can debug the remote server when you have the same copy locally. then whenever needed, i edit the local php files and they copy it from eclipse, got RSE, paste it there (overwrite). it's a pain that RSE does not auto sync.

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  • So you debug a local copy and paste changes through RSE, right? I do something similar and use Beyond Compare to sync the changes. – Owen Aug 30 '10 at 10:38

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