Is there an API similar to angular 1.x's Interceptor API?

I want to be able to add interceptors at application startup that will

  • show the login dialog whenever a 401 status code is returned
  • show a generic error message whenever a 5xx status code is returned

for every http request the application makes.


You can create your own HTTPConnection that handles error and inject it into the root app component at bootstrap time.

export class CustomHTTPConnection implements Connection

and then inject it while bootstrapping as follows


If you want do not want to provide a custom connection class, you can do it for each individual request as Http returns an observable which as 3 parameters: onNext, onError, onCompleted.

You can use it as follows:

class Component
constructor(private httpService:HttpService){
  ()=>{},  //on Next
  ()=>{}   //onError

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