I tried to install ruby on my vagrant machine with puppet, in the puppet file define a ruby class with package ruby:

class ruby {
package { "ruby":
    ensure => '1.9.1'

But when run the vagrant machine, get error that the version is not found and installs 1.8.7.

When i run ralsh package list the version of ruby:

package { 'ruby1.8':
 ensure => '',

So, how can upgrade my ruby version? I'm new in this stuff of puppet & vagrant. Is there a way within vagrant or puppet?


  • What base image are you using? In Debian, there used to be a ruby1.9.3 package that could coexist with ruby1.8. I suppose that your version of Ubuntu still has that. Install it instead of the ruby metapackage. – Felix Frank Dec 30 '15 at 10:15
  • Ubuntu Precise 12.04. So, the only way is install it without puppet or vagrant? – jvrdom Dec 30 '15 at 12:58

According to the database, precise had no Ruby 1.9 packaging whatsoever.

On this platform, you will need to add a repository for some ruby1.9.3 or similar packages.

It will likely be much easier to just switch to a base image of a more current OS.

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