On ubuntu 14.04 with texlive, checking an R package, for example with devtools check() would return :

LaTeX errors found:
! LaTeX Error: File `inconsolata.sty' not found.

Type X to quit or <RETURN> to proceed,
or enter new name. (Default extension: sty)

! Emergency stop.
<read *> 

l.276 ^^M

!  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!
  • @Pascal this first lead to downloading inconsolata.sty from the CTAN which is a bad idea, specially if all you want is having R packages to built without errors
    – cmbarbu
    Commented Jan 2, 2016 at 12:54
  • I never suggested this. Just install a Latex distribution.
    – user3710546
    Commented Jan 2, 2016 at 13:09
  • The inconsolata package is bundled in the LaTeX distribution TinyTeX. You may consider uninstalling texlive and installing TinyTeX instead.
    – Yihui Xie
    Commented Sep 23, 2020 at 14:05

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Installing texlive-fonts-extra should take care of it.

You can also (though probably not recommented) tell Rd not to use inconsolata. Just change:




in your Rd.sty file. On my installation it is at :


but a

locate Rd.sty

should find it on any system.

  • 2
    Thanks for the second solution (changing Rd.sty)! incosolate is like 1.7GB and I was on an airport wifi!
    – user189035
    Commented Mar 3, 2017 at 14:44
  • 2
    Install the debian package texlive-fonts-extra does also solve the reported problem on Ubuntu 18.04.02 (just successfully done)
    – R Yoda
    Commented Mar 13, 2019 at 22:19
  • 10
    absolutely insane i'm installing 1.7Gb of whatever just to get a font 🤦 Commented Apr 11, 2019 at 8:25
  • 1
    Just went through the entire dependency list of apt packages besides texlive-fonts-extra to see if there is some subset of packages that would work. No! texlive-fonts-extra would appear to be minimal Commented Jun 15, 2020 at 6:15

I'm on macOS using Homebrew and this worked for me:

# LaTeX tools like pdflatex
brew cask install basictex

# Install texlive packages needed to build R package vignettes
sudo tlmgr update --self
sudo tlmgr update --all
sudo tlmgr install titling framed inconsolata
sudo tlmgr install collection-fontsrecommended
  • 1
    Works in macOS Mojave for R-4.0.2
    – f0nzie
    Commented Sep 9, 2020 at 21:16
  • 1
    Note that basictex needs to be added to PATH before the command tlmgr is available (your equivalent of export PATH=/usr/local/texlive/2022basic/bin/universal-darwin/:$PATH)
    – U W
    Commented Jun 30, 2022 at 16:08

In Debian, instead of installing the huge texlive-fonts-extra package, run this at your shell:

tlmgr install inconsolata

If you are using the Travis Continuous Integration service, your problem could be related to the CTAN mirrors having yet to update.

The issue appears in the Travis R community forum:

might be related to the recent switch to TexLive-2019 as the LaTeX package manager seems to fail finding inconsolata in the repository.


It looks to me like the mirror chosen was has not updated to 2019, so I think this will resolve itself naturally when the mirrors catch up. If not I can look into it.

In the meantime, I solved it by forcing a previous version of TeXLive with a downgrade to OSX 10.12 in .travis.yml:

# macOS 10.12 version
osx_image: xcode9.2

See this Travis page for the correspondence between XCode and OSX versions and the original thread in DevOps StackExchange.


tlmgr gave me a warning about a checksum. However this worked

  1. get inconsolata.tds.zip from https://ctan.org/pkg/inconsolata
cd /usr/share/texmf/
sudo unzip  inconsolata.tds.zip 
sudo mktexlsr
  1. I have had this problem every time I upgrade R. I agree the 1.7GB texlive-fonts-extra is ridiculous for a small file, although I understand that it does give you a choice of several Klingon fonts

this is for texLive on Ubuntu


I have Mac OSx and the accepted solution didn't work to me.

This was the solution in my case, to install mactex: https://tug.org/mactex/mactex-download.html


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