I am trying to call an action from a controller 2 steps up the folder structure namespace

<%= link_to( "Reset Search" ,
             {:controller => "../../application",
              :action => 'reset_search',
              :reset_search_redirect => reset_search_redirect},
             class: 'tiny button') %>

The "../../application"works! however; i dont think it's rails-y. Is there a better way?

Here is the href link when I just put :controller => "application"


Which does not work.

Here are my routes:

get 'human_resources/' => 'human_resources#index'
namespace :human_resources do
  get 'settings/' => 'settings#index'
  namespace :settings do
    get 'constants/' => 'constants#index'
    resources :constants

resources :test, only: :index
root to: 'home#index'
match ':controller(/:action(/:id))', :via => [:get, :post]

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