I have a WCF web service which calls a biztalk service( ie Orchestration). When i do the unit test i am getting following error:

Test method Goudse.BcVerzekering.Bts2006.InkCol.Business.UnitTests.UnitTest1.VerzekeringFacade_Goed threw exception: System.ServiceModel.FaultException: The binding at system.serviceModel/bindings/wsHttpBinding does not have a configured binding named 'WSHttpBinding_ITwoWayAsync'. This is an invalid value for bindingConfiguration. (C:\Inetpub\DeGoudse.MKB\VerzekeringFacade\web.config line 50).

Its pointing to web.config, but which is generated by the system itself...

Any insight will be very helpful?

  • What do your .svc and your web.config files look like? – tomasr Aug 11 '10 at 1:34

Have you looked here? It should be added to the app.config to work properly.

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