I have installed the most current version of Sandcastle from NuGet (EWSoftware.SHFB version 2015.10.10.0), and the needed Reflection package (EWSoftware.SHFB.NETFramework version 4.6).

Sandcastle is installed

I read @Frank-Rem answer to Numid's question How to generate documentation using Sandcastle NuGet package (EWSoftware.SHFB)? and tried to add a new project to my solution. However, when I try to add a Sandcastle Documentation project I do not have the Documentation project type as an option.

Sandcastle project type is missing

I uninstalled the NuGet package and reinstalled it, thinking it may have been a buggy install. But the documentation project type is still not an option, even after shutting Visual Studio down and relaunching it.

I read through the readme.txt file and saw that I will need to add some property tags to the .shfbproj file when it gets generated. Beyond that, I don't see any other steps that I need to perform or packages to install in order to get the project type to show up. I have also gone to the GitHub project page and checked the Issues tab to make sure this isn’t a known issue they are working on.

I am using Visual Studio Ultimate 2013.

Are there additional steps I need to take to get the Sandcastle project type to show up in the Add New Project list?

Thank you for any ideas!


I was able to resolve the issue by running the Sandcastle Help File Builder Guided Installer. This identified missing components and installed them.

I was then able to follow the instructions from @frank-rem on adding the documentation project and documentation source to the new project.

Assuming that you already have a solution with a project, add a new project of type 'Documentation' to your solution.

Right-click Documentation Sources and add a source by selecting the csproj you wish to document.

Then just build.

Additional steps I took to get a finalized help doc: I found that Sandcastle had added several TODO items, which didn't show up in the Visual Studio task list. So I did a search on the solution for TODO and resolved them that way.

After that I followed the instructions on adding the namespace summaries provided by @davy-landman (in a comment to Davy Landman's answer) to clear up some missing flags.

This has actually changed in the latest version (currently to Project Properties > Summaries > NameSpaceSummaries. – Ant Swift Jan 6 '12 at 9:44

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