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I have an application that passes data to an sql variable called @inputvar. The application passes the data as a string. The stored procedure declares the variable @inputvar as varchar. The problem is, the data is of the format '12,13,15'. because of a where clause in the stored procedure, i am getting an error saying that conversion failed when converting the varchar value to datatype int

The where cause is:

select * 
from table 
where ID in (@inputvar)

I have tried stripping the quotes: replace(@inputvar,'''','') and I have tried converting the variable to an int: cast(@inputvar as int), but both attempts failed

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There are multiple ways to handle this; you can use dynamic query to handle your scenario

DECLARE @inputvar varchar(10)
set @inputvar = '12,13,15'

set @sql = 'select * from table where ID in (' + REPLACE(@inputvar, '''','') + ')'
EXEC @sql

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