I need help in exracting group members details in csv file from names.nsf in lotus domino. I have script downloaded from IBM site to extract the same, but the details are coming in message box, i need details in text or csv file so that it can be used further. Please help


Sub Initialize
	Dim session As New NotesSession
	Dim dbCurrent As NotesDatabase
	Dim gman As New NotesGroupManager(True)
	Set dbCurrent = session.CurrentDatabase
	Call gman.LoadAddressBook(dbCurrent)
	' Get information about all groups
	Call gman.LoadAllGroups ' what happens if you comment out this line?
	Dim groupList As Variant
	groupList = gman.CachedGroups
	Dim intCount As Integer
	Dim strGroupDesc As String
	Dim varSubgroups As Variant
	Dim varTemp As Variant
	Dim boolHasSubgroups As Boolean
	Forall group In groupList
		intCount = intCount + 1
		boolHasSubgroups  = False
		strGroupDesc = "List tag: " & Listtag(group) & {
Name: } & group.Name & {
Description: } & group.Description & {
Owner: } & atImplode(group.Owner, ", ") & {

Members: }
		varTemp = group.Members
		Forall x In varTemp
			' here's how to test whether a name is the name of a group. This is not as efficient as
			' checking the Subgroups property, but I wanted to list the members in order (also,
			' this will work even if we aren't in recursive mode).
			If gman.getGroup(x) Is Nothing Then
				' the current member is not a group.
				strGroupDesc  = strGroupDesc  & x & ", "
				' emphasize a group name by putting "<<< >>>" arround it.
				strGroupDesc  = strGroupDesc  & "<<<" & x & ">>>, "
				boolHasSubgroups = True
			End If
		End Forall
		If boolHasSubgroups Then
			strGroupDesc = Left$(strGroupDesc, Len(strGroupDesc) -2) & {

AllMembers: } & atImplode(group.AllMembers, ", ")
		End If
		Msgbox Left$(strGroupDesc, Len(strGroupDesc) -2)
	End Forall
	If intCount = 0 Then
		Msgbox "No groups were found."
	End If
End Sub

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    Have you studied how this code works, looked up how to write files in LotusScript, and tried to modify the code yourself to make it write the data to a file instead of building up a string and displaying it in a msgbox? – Richard Schwartz Dec 31 '15 at 4:31
  • i have studied the code and have got little idea how it is working, but i dont how to write lotus script, otherwise i would have modified by myself, also i have google for various things to understand but i am not getting things, hence asked over here, if you can share any link it will also be helpful – Vino Dec 31 '15 at 10:08

Open a textfile using the Open Statement, then loop trough your data and append each line to the txtfile using the Print # Statement

Open also creates the file if it is not there.

PS: Notes uses numbers to identify the file, see Function Freefile for details

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