The question is very simple, but I just could not find the answer!

Why doesn't

return x == 0? "" : "Hello"

compile but

return x == 0 ? "" : "Hello"


This is really weird because all the other operators don't need an extra white space. e.g.

let x = 1+1
let y = 1 + 1

are the same.

I think it has something to do with optionals. But when you use a ? operator on a variable, it must be used like this:

let s: String? = nil
let x = s?.startIndex

I mean it must follow another operator, right?


I think it has something to do with optionals.

It does. The documentation on operators says:

There is one caveat to the rules [regarding whitespace around operators]. If the ! or ? predefined operator has no whitespace on the left, it is treated as a postfix operator, regardless of whether it has whitespace on the right. To use the ? as the optional-chaining operator, it must not have whitespace on the left. To use it in the ternary conditional (? :) operator, it must have whitespace around both sides.

  • "To use it in the ternary conditional" may be confusing. "it" is the ? of the ternary conditional operator itself. TLDR you can actually use optional-chaining in a ternary. – Knu May 10 at 16:47

Yes, I'm pretty sure (as you presumed) the problem is with optionals.

I prefer to write my ternary operators like this...

let num = (isTrue) ? (1) : (0)

Of course, you can choose what's in the parentheses, whether it's simply a literal (as shown) or not.

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