I am using a barcodescanner library.

There is a sample code for a "SimpleScannerActivity":

public class SimpleScannerActivity extends Activity implements ZXingScannerView.ResultHandler {
    private ZXingScannerView mScannerView;

    public void onCreate(Bundle state) {
        mScannerView = new ZXingScannerView(this);   // Programmatically initialize the scanner view
        setContentView(mScannerView);                // Set the scanner view as the content view

    public void onResume() {
        mScannerView.setResultHandler(this); // Register ourselves as a handler for scan results.
        mScannerView.startCamera();          // Start camera on resume

    public void onPause() {
        mScannerView.stopCamera();           // Stop camera on pause

    public void handleResult(Result rawResult) {
        // Do something with the result here
        Log.v(TAG, rawResult.getText()); // Prints scan results
        Log.v(TAG, rawResult.getBarcodeFormat().toString()); // Prints the scan format (qrcode, pdf417 etc.)

        // If you would like to resume scanning, call this method below:

I have copied that class and everything seems working. But only the method that reruns the onResume() method does not work with the following error message:

mScannerView.resumeCameraPreview(this); Cannot resolve method ‘resumeCameraPreview(com.ads.adstimer.fragment.Registration.Slides,FullScannerActivity)’

enter image description here

I really do not understand what I am doing wrong and how I can fix that since I just have copied that code...

  • Hi, for future questions please do not use a graphic to display key text like the error message in this case. It makes your question less useful for future users. Thanks for your understanding. – Trevor Jan 1 '16 at 16:38

Finally the solution is easy:

change the dependency version from 1.8.3:

compile 'me.dm7.barcodescanner:zxing:1.8.3'

to 1.8.4:

compile 'me.dm7.barcodescanner:zxing:1.8.4'

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