I am new to R and having some trouble with plotting svm models. 1)How can we plot and analyze mulit variable SVM regression model results.

data = data.frame(matrix(rnorm(100*5), nrow=100))
fit = svm(X1 ~ ., data=train)

2) Assume one of the variable (eg: X2) contains qualitative data (eg: high,low and medium) instead of quantitative data, then how should we plot

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In short: you cannot. There is no way to visualize an object that is more than 3-dimensional.

What you can do is to deal with some simplification, approximation, etc. you often visualize characteristic of the model and not the model itself. For example one might plot:

  • relation between error metric (like R2) vs. some hyperparameter (regularization strength, kernel width, size of the training sets etc.)
  • find two most significant dimensions of the dataset and plot your model as 3d surface on top of these two dimensions only
  • if your dimensionality is not very high you can do pairplots, so visualize each pair of dimensions -> as it requires d(d-1)/2 plots, thus for d=5 it is just 10 plots.
  • many other characteristic important from the perspective of your experiment

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