I am using Visual Studio 2013, but I'm in need to develop an old project using the Visual C++ 6.0 compiler.

For this purpose, I have been using Daffodil with no problem on Windows 8.1 for a while. (You can read more how to use the VC++ 6 compiler in newer Visual Studio versions in this StackOverflow question: Is it possible to use the VC++ 6 compiler in Visual Studio 2012?)

Now I got a new Windows 10 machine, where I reinstalled Visual Studio 6, 2010, 2013 and Daffodil.

Using v60 build tools (Visual C++ 6.0 compiler), project gets compiled fine.

However, when I try to debug, VS says that "debugging information does not match", and I am unable to set breakpoints etc., but:

  • PDB file is there, same folder and name of debug executable;
  • Application built in Debug mode, with debug information enabled;
  • Debugger works fine when using Visual Studio 2010 or 2013 build tools;
  • Debugger works fine if opening the project inside Visual C++ 6 IDE.

I tried reinstalling all Visual Studio versions as well as Daffodil, but didn't solve. Any clue what could the problem be?


Finally I actually found a working solution!

for VS 2013: Enable "Native Edit and Continue" under Tools->Options->Debugging->Edit and Continue

for VS 2015: Enable "Use Native Compatibility Mode" under Tools->Options->Debugging->General

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