I have provisioned kubernetes cluster in Azure Cloud(using CoreOS) using the guide http://kubernetes.io/v1.1/docs/getting-started-guides/coreos/azure/README.html

Its working fine, now I want to run kubectl commands from my local machine(I use Mac). for that I installed kubernetes-cli with brew, but I am not able to connect to the remote kubernetes cluster. When I run "kubectl version",

user$  kubectl version 
Client Version: version.Info{Major:"1", Minor:"1",GitVersion:"v1.1.2+3085895",GitCommit:"3085895b8a70a3d985e9320a098e74f545546171",GitTreeState:"not a git tree"} 
error: couldn't read version from server: Get http://localhost:8080/api: dial tcp [::1]:8080: getsockopt: connection refused

how to connect to the kubernetes cluster via SSH or so?

Note: manually I am able to ssh to the kubernetes nodes and run kubectl commands there.


The mechanism for copying the configuration file necessary to get remote access to your cluster is described in Sharing Cluster Access. You may need to manually tweak ~/.kube/config after copying if it contains an endpoint that isn't remotely reachable (a non-routable IP) and/or open up firewall access to your apiserver running in Azure. Otherwise, once you get the local config file in place you should be all set.

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