I updated from TYPO3 6.2.14 to 6.2.17.

Up to now I used in tables DIVs and LINKs, e.g.

<div style="width:300px">chemistry</div>|Mr. X
<link 188>physics</link>|Mrs. Y

This doens't work anymore, I'm getting following output

<table class="contenttable contenttable-0">
    <tr class="tr-even tr-0">
        <td class="td-0">&lt;div style=&quot;width:300px&quot;&gt;chemistry&lt;/div&gt;</td>
        <td class="td-last td-1">Mr. X</td>
    <tr class="tr-odd tr-1">
        <td class="td-0">physics</td>
        <td class="td-last td-1">Mrs. Y</td>

<link> isn't replaced any more, <div> are "wrapped"

How can I get the old behaviour?

  • Wait, did you have <link 188>physics</link> in your HTML source? Why? – Mr Lister Jan 4 '16 at 20:28

I extended Pekka's answer to a "non-hacking" solution

The following typoscript below fixes this issue

    20.innerStdWrap.parseFunc =< lib.parseFunc
    20.innerStdWrap.htmlSpecialChars >
  • This should be the accepted answer. – lorenz Jan 3 '16 at 17:13

Note: The following is a hack. It undoes a change that was made for a (security) reason. I do not know the security implications. It would be preferable to find a way that doesn't require hacking the core.

I don't have a Typo3 install running so I can't say for sure, but this could be the change that causes the new behaviour:

[SECURITY] Replace parseFunc with htmlspecialchars in element "table" /sysext/css_styled_content/static/v4.5/setup.txt https://git.typo3.org/Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git/commit/e737a34

-       20.innerStdWrap.parseFunc = < lib.parseFunc
+       20.innerStdWrap.htmlSpecialChars = 1

you may be able to change it back manually to innerStdWrap.parseFunc = < lib.parseFunc.

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