i have a problem... we moved site from server to server... and after that our site ascii code not working true... if i add an ascii code to editor on vbulletin there is problem after saving post... i saw on database.. &#9604 ; must be save but saving „â– there is a problem but how can i solve this problem.. i looked show variables ...

character_set_client utf8 character_set_connection latin1 character_set_database latin1 character_set_filesystem binary character_set_results utf8 character_set_server latin1 character_set_system utf8 character_sets_dir /usr/share/mysql/charsets/ collation_connection latin1_swedish_ci collation_database latin1_swedish_ci collation_server latin1_swedish_ci

but i looked on vbulletin sql query

all of them latin1...only character_set_system utf8 but i cant latin1 all of them.. how can i fix it... please help me ... i looked 3 months ... sorry my bad english.

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