Could I please be advised how I could use a for loop to qsub files for batch job submission?

At the moment, this only works if I submit a single file for job submission using the command:

qsub -v /path/to/file.txt script.sh

However if I run a for loop through files using the following commands:

files=`pwd`/*pattern* (#This gives a list of files containing a certain common title)

for i in $files;
qsub -v $i script.sh

This always gets rejected with the error that the file.txt was not provided.

I have double checked if $i from the for loop is providing the right file.txt by doing:

for i in $files;
echo $i

and this works out fine. As such I am unsure why the for loop with qsub is not working. Could I please get advice on how I could alter the code to get it to work?



Using -v requires you to give the variable a name: qsub -v filepath=$i script.sh where you can then access the filepath inside script.sh with $filepath.

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