I have this kind of problem (also can be seen on picture below)

I am trying to create my own watch face, however, I am struggling with moving the status bar icons slightly so it does not collide with the background.

Current setup on initiating setWatchFaceStyle is as follows

.setStatusBarGravity(Gravity.TOP | Gravity.CENTER_HORIZONTAL)

Any ideas how to move it a little below or do I have to adjust the watch background?

Here is the screenshot.

Status bar coliding with watchface background

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Instead of using the static variables of the Gravity-Class you can use your own settings. Just like:

setStatusBarGravity(Gravity.CENTER | 10)

There is no possiblility to adjust the position more exactly than the Gravity.XXX directions.

Even in the design guidelines they are speaking about "several fixed locations" on the wearable.

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