My current installed Neo4J-Enterprise version is 2.2.1

I'm trying to use the neo4j-backup tool to store a backup but according to this issue - since i'm using spatial, I need to upgrade my DB to 2.2.3

I ran:

sudo apt-get install neo4j-enterprise

and it says I currently have the most recent addition - but I think i'm still on 2.2.1 since my README.txt file in /etc/neo4j didn't change, or the database backup didn't work.

In their website they also said the because of store changes, I have to allow the store update of the DB will failed to start, but it started with no errors.

How can I verify which version is installed?

How can I install the newest version?


The current stable version of Neo4j is 2.3.1. An upgrade from 2.2.x requires to have allow_store_upgrade=true in neo4j.properties.

Unless you're using apt pinning you should get the latest version using

apt-get install neo4j-enterprise

Please note that upgrading neo4j requires a clean shutdown on the old version.

To check for the currently installed version use

dpkg -l neo4j-enterprise

Since spatial extension provides a separate index provider you need to make sure to have spatial extension installed on the new version as well - otherwise Neo4j won't start up.

For further diagnostics look into messages.log in your graph.db folder.

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