We need to add several users to several SharePoint Groups.

Does anyone have an example of how to add a user to a sharepoint group using power shell.


Try this PowerShell script:

Set-SPUser -Identity 'fun/factory' -Web http://someserver -Group 'Name of group'
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To add multiple users to multiple groups, you could use a longer script:

Function AddUsers($userArray, $webUrl)
    foreach ($user in $userArray)
        $username = $user[0];
        foreach ($group in $user[1])
            Set-SPUser -Identity $username -Web $webUrl -Group $group

$userArray = @(
    @("domain\user1", @("Site Visitors", "Designers")),
    @("domain\user2", @("Site Visitors", "Designers")),
    @("domain\user3", @("Site Owners"))

#Call function without brackets
AddUsers $userArray "http://my-sharepoint-site/"
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