Is there a way to create a table with a timestamp column defaulting to now?

Any of the following succeeds on creation but fails on insertion.

device_id         VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL encode lzo,
app_id            VARCHAR(150) NOT NULL distkey encode lzo,
retrieval_date    TIMESTAMP without time zone default (now() at time zone 'utc') encode lzo
diststyle key
compound sortkey(app_id,device_id);

Then on insert:

     insert into MyTable (device_id,app_id) values('a','b');
INFO:  Function "timezone(text,timestamp with time zone)" not supported.
INFO:  Function "now()" not supported.
ERROR:  Specified types or functions (one per INFO message) not supported on Redshift tables.

I tried other flavors as below but all fail.

a) Tried with now in single quotes 'now' , create succeeded but failed with another error

b) Tried without the timezone, create succeeded, insert failed.


You can use SYSDATE or GETDATE() to put a current timestamp value. Here is an example.

dev=> create table my_table (id int, created_at datetime default sysdate);

dev=> insert into my_table (id) values (1);

dev=> select * from my_table;
 id |        created_at
  1 | 2016-01-04 19:07:14.18745
(1 row)

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