Since the latest update to Visual Studio 2015, I get this message when I open .html or .cshtml files. Clicking "Don't Ask Again" only disables this until VS is restarted. How can I turn it off permanently?

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You can disabled this by going to Tools > Options > Text Editors > HTML > Advanced and setting Identify Helpful Extensions to False.

An easy way to get there is to type html adv in the quick launch:

enter image description here


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    Thanks, pitiful they waste time making and we waste time turning such dumb features off. – Mikee Jan 17 '16 at 22:03

My experience was clicking the "Don't Show Again" link toggled the Tools > Options > Text Editors > HTML > Advanced > Identify Helpful Extensions: to False, but it did not save that setting when exiting VS. So, be sure to manually toggle that setting to make it stick.

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