In my android application i want to implement first person view. Please check following URL for first person View -

Google First Person View

I found one link which redirects to first person view please check -

Google Maps Navigation - Using Google Navigation in Android Application

But in it we don't have control over navigation view or first person view. It redirects to google's default first person view. I want to implement it manually. Means in which we can pass latitude and longitude dynamically(from Server)

Is there any way to implement first person view Pro-grammatically, in which we have command over view ?

Thanks in advance!


Don't know exactly, how to achieve that view, but you can do one thing, that is whatever orientation's value you are getting from your server or any gps device , pass it into bearing() method of CameraPosition and set tilt also, like following -

       CameraPosition cameraPos = new CameraPosition.Builder().target(latlng)
              googleMap.animateCamera(CameraUpdateFactory.newCameraPosition(cameraPos), null);

by doing this your map will be rotate according to value of orientation. and if you pass value of orientation into rotation(orientation) method of marker then your marker will rotate according to value.

Hope it'll help you.

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