I have a button, when i clicked on it a modal popsup. Then i enter data and submit the form using ajax. After data is submitted i wanted the modal to close. This is what i tried (relevent code )

$form=$this->beginWidget('CActiveForm', array(
                                        toastr.success("Saved successfully.", "Success");
                                        // $("#ajaxModal").modal("hide");



<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery("body").on("click", ".popup", function (e)
    var url = $(this).attr("href");
    $("#ajaxModal").find(".modal-body").load(url + "?ajax=1", false, function (responseText, status, req)
        if (status != "error") {
            $("#ajaxModal").modal({backdrop: "static", keyboard: true});
            toastr.error("Failed to load", "Loading failed");

Data is geting saved ie,Ajax function is working so is toaster, but modal is not closing and i get an error like Uncaught TypeError: $(...).modal is not a function.


I posted the same question in Yiiframework forum Link

and they are saying that i cannot close a modal because The modal() function doesn't exist in jQuery Is it so?

I was able to hide the modal using this code $("#ajaxModal").hide(); but the background remains in grey colour(same colour as when modal poped up)


hi, i tried like this



then i was to close the modal but next time when i click on the button modal is not pop ing up.

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I found the reason for error. I was calling modal before bootstrap.min.js. That was the reason why i was getting a TypeError: $(…).modal is not a function Error.

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