I'm working with the new Instagram api in my website. The code-behind is c#. I need to retrieve photos with a given hashtag and then to show that photos in my web pages.

Is it possible to do that without show a login screen for every user that visit my web app to get the access token?

I can see every tag that I want in public instagram pages without autenticate myself (Es: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/ciao/).

If the answer is negative can i authenticate myself via api and avoid the login screen?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.


From the Instagram API docs:

You can retrieve photos with a given hashtag by accessing the following URL with your access_token (replace ACCESS-TOKEN with your own):


The Instagram API requires an access_token from authenticated users for each endpoint. We no longer support making requests using just the client_id.

This access_token does not need to be your user's token. It could be your token instead. But it has to be somebody's.

Just make sure to review the rate limit documentation also. Rate limits are separate for each access token, so you may need to generate a number of access tokens and round-robin them. You could also allow your users to login if they want, and use their access token if they're logged in.

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    But how can i get/provide the access token? Do i login once and use that access token for my website/app for forever? How is that safe? Or do i renew the token by hand every once in a while? This all sounds like hacky solutions and like instagram simply does not want you to display their data on any website :-( Jan 6 '16 at 10:27
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    This is exactly what I mean. I know that instagram has endpoints to retrieve photos that require the access token, but how can I get the access token without login using the login screen? (Even if it's me or someone else). I only want to display photos on my website, nothing else. I can't believe that Instagram do not provide a simple api without authenticate everytime I need to display photos with an hashtag.
    – jack5891
    Jan 7 '16 at 15:15
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    You have to generate an access_token by logging in as a specific user. You can store the tokens for later use, but there is no way around generating them at all. Jan 7 '16 at 21:05
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var token = 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN',
    hashtag='vindiesel', // hashtag without # symbol
    num_photos = 4;

    url: 'https://api.instagram.com/v1/tags/' + hashtag + '/media/recent',
    dataType: 'jsonp',
    type: 'GET',
    data: {access_token: token, count: num_photos},
    success: function(data){
        for(x in data.data){
            $('ul').append('<li><img src="'+data.data[x].images.standard_resolution.url+'"></li>');  
    error: function(data){


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