• I'm working with Excel 2010.
  • I have a pivot table connected to an excel data table (formatted as a range)
  • I have a date/time field called "Date" that is at the daily level MM/DD/YYYY
  • The field called "Date" is definitely stored as date/time. Type()=1.
  • My pivot table uses the "Date" field as the row field. It summarizes a different metric as the value.
  • I have several fields that filter the pivot that are controlled through slicers.
  • I want the date field to sort descending, newest to oldest.

Problem: Whenever I change a pivot table field using a slicer, the descending sort sort order breaks. It sorts the days out of order and the way I fix it is by sorting ascending and then sorting descending. That fix only until I change the pivot table filters using a slicer again.

Any ideas?

  • Apparently the pivot tables only fail with descending order. They work with ascending order. – ChrisG Jan 5 '16 at 20:15
  • And the descending sort fixes/breaks with alternating changes. Select one slicer and the sort works, the next slicer selected will break the sort, the next slicer will fix, etc. – ChrisG Jan 5 '16 at 20:16

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